Zuva Rabuda

Welcome on the website of the foundation Zuva Rabuda

Residents of the rural areas in Zimbabwe live under harsh conditions. During a short time of the year they receive rain. Sometimes the rain is enough to grow corn, their staple food. Sometimes there isn’t enough or just too much rainfall. In the rural areas there is no electricity available and no shops where you can buy vegetables. In order to fetch water women and girls sometimes have to walk large distances. It is common that water is fetched from rivers. That is the reason Zuva Rabuda drills boreholes in these areas. People need to walk less, get access to clean water and are able to grow their own vegetables around the pumps.
In the last 8 years the foundation have drilled 85  boreholes, 76 boreholes contained water!

In 2017 and 2018 we continued drilling boreholes in Guruve North, a constituency  north of the capital Harare. Due to funding of an NGO called Wild Geeze we were able in drilling 23 boreholes. Nineteen of them contained water! 

In 2019 we want to drill boreholes in the district of Mudzi near the border with Mozambique.



Do you help us to drill even more boreholes